Collective Community Services (Montreal)

The Friendship Club

The Friendship Club is a social skills development program for students in grades 1-6. The program covers many important social skills from introducing one’s self, to emotions and empathy, as well as cooperation and conflict resolution. The program is for students who struggle with socialization with their peers, and need guidance about positive ways of interacting with others. This program is currently run in schools in the Lester B Pearson School Board, and the English Montreal School Board, and is provided at no cost to schools.

Download The Friendship Club Brochure! (English/Français)



For more information on Youth programs or to bring The Friendship Club to your school, please contact: Cory Maguire

Manager, Youth & Camps
Telephone: 514-937-5351 ext 246


The Lion's Roar

The Lion’s Roar program prepares children to deal with the situations they may encounter in their lives. Each session has a corresponding animal that represents the values of the session. Parts of each session are dedicated to learning about the habitat, characteristics and needs of each animal, combining science with learning about social issues. The program is four sessions of one hour each.

‘Bullying and Conflict’ discusses bears, what they eat and ways they are similar to bullies.

‘Dealing with Anxiety’encourages children to embody the playfulness of dolphins.

‘Building Resilience’ and ‘Mindfulness and Meditation’ include team building activities, and tools children will use to support and encourage one another.

Girls' Empowerment Program

Girls regularly struggle with relational aggression, low self-esteem, body image, anxiety, friendships and social pressures. The Daisy Chain program for girls in grades 4 and 5 equips them with tools to navigate the social issues they face. By working directly with girls we start discussion about the issues they’re facing, empower the girls involved and teach them a new skill or activity. Some activities include drama games, crafts and creativity, and journal writing. Taking time each session to write in a journal allows the a girl to check in with herself, meditate on the issues she is facing, and refocus before going back to class. Like adding flowers to a daisy chain, each session allows every girl to build on her skills and increase her self confidence.