Collective Community Services (Montreal)

This page will provide an overview of some of the resources in the community that you can access. We have included helpful research, resources in the community and links to other organizations that might be useful. If you are looking for more about resources that you can access from us, check out our NPI Projects page.

Health & Community Resources

This list offers a wide range of supports and services that relate to mental health and other issues related to it. It can act as a portal to other services you may be interested in accessing.

Info-Sante 811 is a phone line staffed by nurses available 24/7 across Montreal. Upon dialing 811, you will be connected to a bilingual nurse who can help you assess your condition and see what should be done next (if you are unsure whether you or a family member should go to the ER, contact your family doctor, or wait). This service is free.

MIR is a short-term, time-limited service that provides individual therapeutic support and psychiatric follow-up.
Make an appointment:
Call 514-888-4478, Monday-Friday from 8am - 4pm.
Bring the following:
- A valid medicare card
- An updated medication list from your pharmacy
- Family doctor's complete address (make sure you're on the waiting list at your local CLSC if you don't have one when you go for your appointment.
- Complete address of a person to contact in case of emergency.


English Speakers and Mental Health

CCS recently released a report: McGill project, A portrait of human resource needs in mental health, March 2016 (1) which examines the range of services available to the English-speaking population of Montreal in need of mental health services. The report proves that there is indeed a human resource gap in the field of mental health in Montreal. Paper Tigers follows a year in the life of an alternative high school that has radically changed its approach to disciplining its students, becoming a promising model for how to break the cycles of poverty, violence and disease that affect families.


Paper Tigers Short Film

Paper Tigers Trailer - KPJR Films from KPJR FILMS LLC on Vimeo.

From our partners...


Mental health challenges affect thousands of Quebecers and their families and friends. When it comes to these challenges, the law comes into play in many ways. But it’s hard to find the right legal information in one place. And when you find it, it can be hard to understand. Educaloi has created a guide The Law and Mental Health: What You Need to Know to help answer some of the questions you may have.

Naitre et Grandir
Naitre et Grandir is a free online magazine based in Quebec. They are mostly francophone, but they have published several articles online about family and parenting with a focus on Quebec that might be helpful to families looking for resources in English as well!