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WATCH: “Trail’s End Camp 2016”

Every year campers participate in the creation of a music video as part of the audio-visual program. Check out the 2016 edition!

WATCH: “How Camp Changed My Life”

Collective Community Services has produced a short (3 minute) film about the positive effects of camp. We at CCS believe every child should have the opportunity to experience camp. The benefits of learning and practicing core values in camaraderie in the natural setting of the beautiful outdoors are fundamental for a meaningful and interconnected life. Listen to youth —and older former campers, express themselves about how Nature and camp changed their lives. This clip also encourages viewers to support CCS Camp Programs and help CCS sponsor a camper.

"Camp isn't a place you visit, it's a place that becomes part of you."


Trail’s End Camp is a sleep-over summer camp for kids and young adults, aged 6 to 17. Our goal is to create a place where campers can build lifelong friendships, develop important social skills like cooperation, but also individual strengths like independence and confidence. Campers sleep in comfortable platform tents, eat healthy meals, and have endless opportunities to enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the Laurentians.

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